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Third Annual NHMTA Tournament
May 30-31, 2015
Chapman University Fowler School of Law
Orange, California

 NHMTA 2015 Student Registration & Release Form

NHMTA 2015 Student Registration & Release Form
This registration must be filled out for each participating student. Please note that some fields must be completed by a parent or legal guardian.
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First Name *
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The student named herein has my permission to participate in the NHMTA Mock Trial Tournament/Courtroom Artist Contest/Journalism Contest. We have reviewed and understand the rules of the competition.
Health/special needs. My child has a special need and instructions are attached. *
Release and covenant not to sue/authorization for medical care
In consideration for their participation in the National Homeschool Mock Trial Association (NHMTA) Tournament/Courtroom Artist Contest/Journalism Contest, I agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless NHMTA program, staff, and sponsors for any and all claims, damage, costs, and expenses resulting from lawsuits and other proceedings by any third parties arising out of any acts, omissions or conduct of my child while he/she is participating in the NHMTA Mock Trial Tournament/Courtroom Artist Contest/Journalism Contest.

As a participant in the 2015 NHMTA mock trial program, I authorize the NHMTA staff to use photographs of my child, video images, and/or contest submissions (such as art and journalism), for reproduction for promotion or illustrative purposes. I understand that the above activities will not result in any profit, and that I will not receive any monetary compensation. Permission is granted to make changes or alterations and use my child’s name or a fictitious name in editorial works for advertising.

The undersigned acknowledges that the competition addressed by this release is completely voluntary.
Electronic signature of parent/legal guardian *
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Student information may be shared with our sponsors in order for them to contact the winners of any prizes or scholarships, or to send information about their institution.
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Other Tournament Information

          Fees are $60 per student (maximum $900 per team)
          A $100 deposit is due January 5.
          The remainder is due April 6.
          • Ayres Inn
            3737 W. Chapman Ave, Orange (2.7 miles)
            -Very traditional feel
            -Free wifi
          • Embassy Suites Anaheim/Orange
            400 N. State College Blvd, Orange (2.4 miles)
            -Updated, modern hotel
            -Two-room suites with a bedroom, bathroom, and living room with fold-out couch
            -Free breakfast
          • DoubleTree Anaheim/Orange
            100 The City Dr S., Orange (2.9 miles)
            -Free shuttle to Disneyland
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